D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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Re: D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

You seem to be referring to how small a subject an AF system can detect.

One way to learn this is to test a camera AF with smaller and smaller subjects until it gets AF wrong - it is this simple

The Z7 has more than 3 times the number of AF points of the D850 - though the Z 7 AF points cover more of the screen area.

The Z7 AF seems to me able to lock on a subject about half the size the D850 can achieve.

I'd agree with this estimate for the Z6 as well.  And this is true even with obstructions such as cattail plants and branches in front of the subject.

The D500 may not be as good as the D850 with small subjects when maintaining the same angle of view as the AF points then cover a bigger percentage of the screen area. Used with the same marked focal length to achieve more subject magnification I find small subject performance similar between D500 and D850.

The Wide Large area has similar coverage to the Group selection on the D500, while Wide small is similar to Group on the D850/D5.  If it is tuned a little better to maintain closest subject priority, AF on the Z cameras will be outstanding.

A camera like the D610 with just 39 relatively large AF points is unlikely to be a front runner for your specific need.

Digressing slightly Nikon do not mention a minimum usable AF aperture in the specification for the Z7.

The Low Light AF setting on the Z cameras is very helpful for low light situations - like the lunar eclipse during totality.  It can be combined with pinpoint AF for extremely accurate low light focus in light levels just visible to the naked eye.  With the D850 I struggled to get AF to work at all on the moon during totality.

f11 works quite well with the 500 f5.6 and 2x. You should be OK with a 2x in place of the 1.4 when you need even more subject magnification.

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