Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

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Re: Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

dkeller wrote:

It sounds as though are trying to make a case for the Voightlander. If you want totally manual focus and don't feel a need for stabilization then go for it. I don't know how the prices or size/weight of the Voightlander compares with the Sony.

Given weights are 602g (Sony) vs 771g (Voightlander), but apart from that, the latter is extending quite a bit, hence weight is distributed even further towards the front.

Another disadvantage for the Voightlander is in regard to shooting video with this lens.

Most shooting with "macro" lenses really isn't in the true macro range, but is closeup shooting at ranges just slightly closer than other lenses allow. In these situations AF and the extra stabilization are extremely useful.

From what I ve read, I would be mostly concerned about (lack of) stabilization here. Or at least until I upgrade to a body that supports IBIS. As for the usefulness of AF in really close-up/macro scenarios, I guess that would come in hand especially for a beginner like myself, but others claim that AF isn't really an asset whilst shooting bugs

As to build quality or the warrantee time, I've never heard of problems with the Sony that would make this an issue. In fact, the only lens I have consistently heard of issues that would warrant concern is the old Zeiss A-mount 16-50 that was popular in the early KM and Sony DSLR days. I've been using Minolta, KM, and Sony lenses for over 50 years and have never had a problem with one.

That's good to hear. From the looks of it, build quality on the Voightlander is superior, but as long as the Sony doesn't wear off substantially over time, I ll be happy with that.

To me the advantages of the Sony 90mm Macro make it a no brainer--but that's just my opinion.

I m still try to weight those pros/cons for each, see where my priorities are. Despite going down the 'sensible' choice that the Sony is, I can't help but think that the Voightlander is also a great lens. Optically, it might as well surpass the Sony in several areas. And that intrigues me. Because optical quality is at the very top as a criterion for choosing a lens. Of course, usability is also important (here Sony definitely has upper hand). Regardless of that, many people seemed very positive about this lens (rolling reviews here and here ). So, it's a hard choice to make.

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