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Jerry-astro wrote:

Dr88man wrote:

Thanks Chrisd999, Jonikon, and Jerry-Astro! I'm going to exchange it. Hopefully, by f5.6 the corners will be sharp. Otherwise, it's such a joy to shoot with the Fuji X-T3. I'm also impressed with luscious color rendition of RAW and jpeg on C1. The C1 demosiacing and rendering is producing a pleasing result, even without any adjustments. The absence of any green color cast of the Nikon, or the red cast of the Canon is completely absent here. The WB is great. This will, in turn, save hundreds of hours in post over the years...

If I can find a decent copy of the 10-24 and 55-200, I'll have a killer combo for travel. Everything from 15mm to 300mm (35mm equivalent) will be covered under 3.5 lbs - astonishing! I'll let you know...

Thanks for the great support here!

I might suggest that for travel you may find that gap between 24mm and 55mm to be problematic. When I'm not out shooting wildlife, the majority of what I do is travel related and the 16-55 range is nearly ideal for that purpose (or 18-55). The 10-24 is terrific for landscapes and indoor work, but for general use when traveling, I personally find the FL range to be a bit short for much of the subject matter that I encounter, and certainly not ideal for anything involving people (for the most part) IMHO. Very short focal lengths tend to exaggerate features at the sides, so images of people taken at closer distances usually don't end up looking the way you might have intended. Not sure if you see that as an important part of the subject matter you plan to shoot, but something worth considering IMHO.

Everyone's needs are different, so I may be misjudging your specific requirements. However, I know that for my own photography when traveling, I find the 16-55ish range to be what I end up using perhaps 80% or more of the time. Obviously YMMV, but it's something I'd suggest you think about before finalizing your kit.

Indeed, Jerry! I tend to shoot below 35mm or above 70mm (35mm equiv) for 90% of my travel shots and landscapes. I don't do portraits. I was on the fence with the 16-55 lens for 3 months, then finally decided against it when ordering my X-T3 and 10-24. Reviews are all over the place regarding the corners and distortion.

Since I have the D810 and 24-70/2.8G, and thinking about a 24-70/2.8 S Nikon mirrorless system down the road, I thought the 16-55 might be redundant. I'm going to see how all this plays out with Fuji. I'll have to get a Nikon FF mirrorless down the road and use my current Nikon glass. However, I'm not enamored with the current Z7.

Another reason for having the Fuji is for its color with RAW and jpegs. I'm not totally satisfied with Nikon's colors - very difficult to get rid of overall green hue to the final images, regardless of custom WB and editing. Color checkers are impossible in aerial photography. Each image takes forever to dial in correctly with Nikon. Fuji seems much easier and natural looking.

There's still a chance I might get a 16-55 or perhaps a low-light prime to fill the void.

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