Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

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Re: Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

sanosai wrote:

jerste wrote:

Based on you experience the choice is simple, go with the Sony lens - its lighter and has OSS and AF, I do not know why you would like give up on these 3 features.

It's what you said (OSS + AF) versus slightly better optical + build quality.

(minus my steep learning curve for going out all manual of course)

Just to add up - regarding AF in particular. I am quoting a very detailed resource on macro :

"Auto focus is not really a good idea in the macro range. Very often you will want to set the magnification and then move the lens to focus, and the danger with an AF lens is that focus may shift, even if you lock it. It’s also easier to magnify the image and get exactly the part you want in focus with manual focus than moving the AF point, using AF, locking it, and then checking to make sure it was correct"

Then, it goes on saying that the Sony 90mm G Macro is particularly good even in MF mode:

"Of course AF is useful for general and portrait work if you want your macro lens to be a general lens. But for specifically macro purposes, AF is no advantage, and generally speaking, MF lenses have better MF than AF ones. The Sony 90mm has somewhat better MF than most AF lenses: you can put it in a linear mode where you choose the magnification and moves the lens, just like with a manual lens"

Which is great, as it means that in my case, for shooting bugs, I can still use MF on the Sony (once I get hold of it...) No as smooth as in a pure, well constructed, MF lens (Voigtlander), but still effective. Which makes me wonder to what extend I can expect to get decent results from the Voigtlander when it comes to shooting landscapes.

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