Best DAM software for someone starting from scratch?

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Re: Best DAM software for someone starting from scratch?

BigBen08 wrote:

Bobthearch wrote:

A system of folders and sub-folders organized by date and event,

a system that's not dependent on any particular software, and that doesn't chain you to any single software vendor, a system that doesn't involve catalogs or databases, that is infinitely expandable into the future (or the past), and works equally-well with any camera or editing software.

That is what I recommend.

Hmmm...kind of sounds like a Windows system of files & folders. Although I don't think Windows Explorer or File Explorer can search for tags - a persons name, for example.

Is that what you mean?

I use PhotoSupreme as my DAM & have for quite a few years, since it was first developed. Tagging images is not difficult & only time consuming if every single image were different. IME, I abhor a cluttered folder system & find it onerous to create & view folder after nesing folder after folder, which I've seen when helping others ends up being a complete organizational & visual mess. Most people just add too much info to a file & or folder name, thinking they are creating something good & fast vs. shooting themselves in the foot & creating barriers. With DAM or no DAM software, all files can easily be in just one folder or as some do, at least one folder per year & find images via the DAM or File Manger software where one can input Tags, keywords & or descriptions & use the DAM software or OS file manager to do searches of all sorts. But whatever, different strokes, everyones brains are wired differently.

W10 File Explorer CAN EASILY search via Tags & Dates & Properties & Descriptions all sorts of information. The search & file data input is quite powerful but you need to expand the Search VIEW & select from the drop down list of "properties or fields" to search & to also expand the column view to display the fields. You need to MAXIMIZE & to EXPLORE (learn to use) the File Explorer Ribbon & all the options & to learn how to use the functions.

You can set up columns to display tags, expand the columns, search for input data per tag or whatever the file contains. However, the data has to have been input somehow already, or withing the File Explorer. You can even right click (or I can as I set my mouse up to add things to right click functions) to add data to image details or properties. It takes exploring or reading of the W10 File Explorer vs. just viewing the default window & saying xyz function isn't there. The functions may in fact be there. Windows even creates a thumbnail database etc. but I have not explored it's use or pros & cons.

W10 File Manager can easily read the data input by Photo Supreme (& probably other good DAM software that keeps data written "open" as they should. So I can see & search for & display "Tags" created in Photo Supreme in W10 File Manager.

W10 File Manager GUI isn't as complete or convenient or as fast as good DAM Software IMO, which is why I prefer Photo Supreme as my data input & DAM viewer. It is also MUCH easier & faster & very convenient to backup & restore thumbnails, preview, catalogs in Photo Supreme than one "might" be able to do with w!0 file manager (W10 File Explorer can't write to a catalog or previews AFAIK). With Photo Supreme, one can choose to either use the catalog or not, it doesn't lock the data from other programs, as the info is either written to the image file if possible or to the xmp file if say RAW (which would be readable by ANY other software) AND to it's own catalog. Best of both worlds.

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