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Re: Dell XPS 15 9570 Saturation

Dragonrider wrote:

I finally found the solution to the oversaturation on the Dell xps 15 9570 with the Sharp 4k display. The Premier Color app is supposed to adjust the gamut by generating a LUT in the display driver, but for months I haven't been able to get it to work. I ran across a tip today that fixed it. Note this is with Win 10 1809 and all current drivers as of 4/09/2019. There is Registry key named WideGamutFeatureEnable that needs to be set to 1. The first instance of the key wouldn't change, but hitting F3 in Regedit and searching for the second instance found a key that would change from 0 to 1. Note that this also changed the first instance of the key.

Now the Premier Color app works as described. I also hard set the default color profile to Premier Color Native 6500 so color managed apps (Adobe) can use the full gamut of the monitor. In normal window use, I set Premier color to SRGB and windows, browsers, and other non managed apps are happy. When in PS or LR, I switch Premier Color to Vibrant (i.e. full gamut) and the Adobe apps pick up the color profile and works correctly. Happy now after fighting this thing for 4 months.

Wow. Thank you for this. I was starting to go crazy. I would add a couple of steps as someone doing this regedit search for the first time:

1. Start menu

2. Windows System-Command Prompt

3. Type Regedit

4. New screen opens. Now type Function key F3.

5. Type WideGamutFeatureEnable

6. The first instance is not editable.

7. Go to "Edit"- "Find Next"

8. Find this instance of WideGamutFeatureEnable

9. Double Click, Type "1" over the zero and click OK.

10. Restart your machine.

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