Mac computer or not?

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Re: Mac computer or not?

I agree with your assessment. I also started out with Apple II and the Mac back in the '80's. In the early nineties, I got tired of the tax and needed Windows for work. So, I was Windows for 23 years until 2015 when I bought a 2015 15" Macbook Pro. I have recently pretty much decided to return to Windows 10. The reason is that Mojave is orders of magnitude slower than Windows on some of the new AI photo processing software from Topaz, as well as Enhance Details in Adobe. These apps rely solely on GPU and, as you pointed out, Macs are weak there.

For example, I tested Topaz Sharpen AI on my 2015 rMBP 2.5Ghz 16GB machine with R9 370X 2gb video. In Mojave, preview updates were taking almost 2 minutes each. That is unacceptable. In Win 10 version 1809, the preview updates dropped to 20 seconds using Bootcamp on the SAME HARDWARE. I can live with 5 minute + renders if I have to because I do that once per image. But to have to wait 110 seconds every time I touch a slider is ridiculous.

I brought my 2012 PC build out of retirement. It has a Sandy Bridge E3-1245 16gb RAM. In 2014, I upgraded to a R9 270X but with only 2 gb VRAM. This old PC outperforms the newer Mac in Win 10! Previews render in 8-20 seconds at most.

BTW, how can you add a eGPU to a TB2 Mac? I thought that Apple had killed that and now requires a TB3 Mac for that. I have thought of getting a Mini with eGPU. But that's still more expensive than building a killer PC. It's also faster and less problematic to have the GPU inside the box.



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