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bodensee wrote:

Good morning friends and colleagues1

Several years ago I bought a Centon MyRaid 5TB drive. One of the HDs is beeping loudly, in distress no doubt, and had red warning lights. I can't find the original booklet (it was a few years ago) and Centon no longer produce this model, or indeed any HDs other than SSDs.

Do I just replace the faulty HD and get on with it or is there some procedure I need to go through? It's set up so that it acts as a 4TB HD and if one HD goes down you do something. As you can tell I'm not awfully techy.

I have contacted Centon a day or so ago but to date have not had a reply and I really want to access some stuff on there.

Here's hoping!

Boy, it's hard to find anything on that "Myraid" unit.  Centon has clearly gotten out of the RAID/enclosure business, you can't even find a reference to "Myraid" in the search on their site.


1) how many hard drives are in in the enclosure? I'm guessing 4.

2) do you know if it is running "raid 5" or "raid 1" or ???

3) is it functioning normally right now, even thought one disk is bad? Sounds like it is.

4) can you maybe post a picture of it where we can see the drives?

My gut says it's probably got four 1TB drives in RAID 5 configuration, but that's just a hunch.  If it's RAID 5, and you are lucky, you may be able to replace the bad drive with a new one of the same size and it will auto-rebuild .... if you are lucky.

WHAT I'D DO BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE... .is make sure you have a backup of the data on that array. If you have no backup, go buy a 4TB or larger Seagate external USB drive for $85 (or equivalent, here's one CLICK HERE) at the closest Staples or Best Buy hook it up and copy everything from that array on to the new drive.  (Note: if it is RAID 5 and a second drive fails , you will lose everything on that enclosure).

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