Shooting glossy fine art works?

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Re: Shooting glossy fine art works?

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rockjano wrote:

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Thanks for the message,

The filter on the camera is a good quality CPL filter (Circular Polarizer) .

The plastic filters for the lights are made by Rosco and is currently available at B&H. Polarizing #7300. It is linear polarizing film and it fine for use with your CPL filter. A circular polarizer is only required on the camera to maintain all metering and focusing functions.

The price is a bit under $70. each for a 17X20 inch sheet. Theses material are a bit costly but the work extremely well. I have mine for over 20 years- the are a bit beaten up but they still work perfectly. If you purchase theses, make up a cardboard frame and store them in a clean stiff container when not in use. Remember they need to be placed on the lights in the same orientation. If the are not marked, place each of them on the lights and and turn on and aim one light at a glossy subject and determine the maximum effect by rotating the camera filter. Turn that light off and the turn the other light on. Do not rotate the camera filter but rotate the filter on the second light, When the maximum effect appears, mark both filters to indicate the top. Now you are ready to shoot with both lights.


Great explanation

Sorrily B$H is too expensive for me I live in Middle Europe and shipping and duties almost doubles the price but I try to find it locally or on E-Bay

So these are 17x20" means 43x50cm approximately

I probably have to use a softbox to light it evenly and my smallest softbox is about 50-70cm so I probably have to make a frame that covers to rest of the softbox...

If I have to turn the polar sheet filter than it will be even smaller... so I might need a bigger one--... but it works for you so...

Do you use softbox to light the paintings or bounce the light from something????

How do you do it???



I found A2 on E-Bay from Israel (interestingly) 76$ US free shipping


The material is made by Rosco. The supply gels for the motion picture industry worldwide. You may find a supplier in you home country or somewhere nearby. Check to see if there is a supplier of equipmet and materials for CINEMATOGRAPHY- they are more likely to carry Rosco materials. The price migh be better, there may be no duty or long distance shipping.  Sok szerencst. Ed

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