what to do about online images vs iphone, truetone

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Re: what to do about online images vs iphone, truetone

Phil Photo wrote:

Phil Photo wrote:

I had literally just calibrated the screen with Xrite.

Perhaps on the weekend I may post a "camera inception" set of images, with my sony taking a picture of pictures displayed on my iphone and monitor.. that were originally taken with my sony.


which I supposed I will also include a color passport in frame, so I can then re-re-re-re-er-rrrrrrrrrrrrcalibrate color, of the calibrated color, of the....

my head hurts.

i was lazy. here's a rush job. Sadly, this is not the one that really made things horribly stand out,but just a quickie example.

dont pay so much attention to the main photo. notice the difference betwee the the cellphone views.

Notice how much more orange the skintones are, on the one with truetone.

Now imagine that I had already tuned the main image to look "warm", and imagine how disgustingly overwarm it would then look on the iphone.

You would basically get a lillywhite irish girl looking like a tanned california girl.

(I think the only reason it doesnt, is because I probably toned down the warmth when I discovered this)

no tru tone

tru tone enabled

I wouldn't worry about it. Looks fine on a old uncalibrated dell screen (both versions)...I wouldn't change a thing...besides, people look at photos on many devices now a days, if you change to accommodate tru tone all others will look terrible (colder)...not worth it. People's eyes will accommodate to their screen and your photos will match others under the same effect...if it makes you feel better just give your clients a quick note about different screens and their video settings, and features like tru tone, etc. that it may impact how it looks vs a print etc.

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