what to do about online images vs iphone, truetone

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Re: what to do about online images vs iphone, truetone

I do not do anything about it.

The only presentation that matters to me is in the magazine or on the wall. Devices offer just a taste to inspire customers to contact you. Most people know from their own experience  that photos on a phone usually look  lesser than - combine that with the fact that much of what is on the web is not exactly polished  to begin with and   folks do not take variations too seriously.

Ten years ago if you walked into an Apple store and went to my site every photo  looked great on any device you picked up- conversely my work looked like a bad acid trip on Android devices.  Drove me nuts. I never the less had numerous Android customers.

I set up images for my devices and then do not worry about them. Life is too short and all it takes is one  off temp light bulb or off flavor color space  to negate hours of effort.

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