D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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Re: D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

Spare-time photog wrote:

ericbowles wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

greyhoundrick wrote:

I used a 70-200 f/2.8 VRI on the D3/D300/D850 and it focused lightning fast. On the Z7 with the FTZ converter it was slower and hunted more.

My experience is a little different.

Z is limited by having none of the more efficient cross type sensors, and individual AF points on the Z 7 are very small.

Isn't it more of an advantage that the focus points are very small? I think so, because it should be easier to focus for example the eyes in a portrait session, if one is standing further away from the subject, thus the eye is also smaller and covers a lot less space in the frame.

When the AF subject is right for Z (in itself a limitation) AF is no slower and on my 200-400 and 300 f2.8 VR seems a little quicker than my D850.

My experience is similar to Leonard's report - the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII is very quick when set up optimally. I recently started on a moving subject using AF-S and focus was awful, but after correcting my setting to AF-C and Single point, it was fast and on the money.

I've had a lot of success using the older 300 f/4 AFS with the TC14E II teleconverter and the FTZ. The combination has been remarkable in picking up and maintaining focus on small birds in thick wooded or brushy areas.

I think this supports my thesis stated above.

In this situation it has been much better than my D850.

Most of the time AF is very fast and accurate with the Z6 and FTZ or S lenses.

That is nice to hear.

Im glad to hear that you have been able to get the Z cameras to work for you with the auto focus. Nice job!

For me, the D850 is a much better performer in the Auto Focus Arena, but thats just my experience. I feel like its much more reliable, faster and more accurate. It might be because I am more comfortable with DSLRs as that is all Id ever shot with for the last 12 years.

Continued success with your new cameras and please keep us posted as to how you are doing with them.



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