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Trevor Carpenter wrote:

S Jones wrote:

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Thanks for all the very nice responses, I think I must be getting something right.

Oh I would say so!

You are one of those people whose posts I read regularly.

I seem to remember that you used to get great images using SAF and used it quite a lot.

I was wondering, now that you have had the G9 for a while, what your ratio of SAF to CAF is or where your preferences lie.

Thanks for the posts.


I use SAF by default, occasionally play with CAF but still don't see much advantage (or disadvantage come to that).

Hello Trevor,

Let me ask you about using SAF in BIF. If you use SAF, not CAF, does that mean that the birds will be out of focus if they move? By how much, I believe it depends on the distance and F-number. If so, is your technique that you burst shoot the birds until you think they are out of focus(maybe one or a few seconds if they are in the air), then release the shutter, then focus again in a new position?

I am still learning BIF (G9 and 100-300ii), and so far I've been using CAF. I wonder how you use SAF in BIF shooting.

Oh, and why do you choose SAF over CAF?


p.s. Great pictures btw. Also sorry if some of those are mentioned in other comments/posts.

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