what to do about online images vs iphone, truetone

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Re: what to do about online images vs iphone, truetone

Phil Photo wrote:

AZBlue wrote:

You're not viewing your images in a vacuum, you are viewing everything on the screen with the same truetone white balance shift. It will look fine in context.

either you didnt actually read what I wrote, or you're in denial.

I specifically made my post, because I did my edits on on my computer, posted them...

and then the image LOOKS WRONG on my iphone with truetone enabled.

WHen I turn it off, it looks how I expected.

It looks wrong to you. It will not look wrong to anyone else who didn't edit it and expect a certain result. When white goes yellow your eyes adjust and normalize it. That's how your eyes are able to see white under a variety of different lighting conditions. Isn't it funny how a white piece of paper looks white outside in the sun just as it does under tungsten lighting in your kitchen?

I worked 20 years as a graphic designer and had to deal with advanced color correction for print, display, etc. The graphic industry standardizes on a white point of 5000K even though most display monitors are 6500K. The photos and graphics still look fine in both worlds. This aspect of color perception is basic.

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