XT2 vs XH1 for dim light shots of moving subjects

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Re: XT2 vs XH1 for dim light shots of moving subjects

I would say that this sounds like one type of photography where you maybe should choose a dSLR instead of a mirrorless.

This because the difference in technique the that mirrorless use compared with a dSLR.

I suppose you want to have flexibility and sometimes have a shallow DOF and sometimes get both of the couple that dance sharp.

I would think you have to go for a shutter speed of 1/500 or higher. In dim light that means yo have to pump up the ISO if you don't use flashes.

The most mirrorless cameras set focus at the working aperture. A dSLR sets focus at the lens max aperture. So this is not only a Fuji problem. The dSLR technology for AF just works better in dim lights. So setting the AFC at F:8 for Fuji and at full aperture 2.8 for my Canon makes a difference. The smaller aperture you want to have the less light the mirrorless camera is going to get to its AF-fokus pixels in mirrorless camera is going to get. What i can read the same problem exist in most mirrorless cameras. No one want to publish exact how their AF-system works ideal. This is definitely a weak area in mirrorless cameras

A FF camera also roughly has one step less noise advantage but less DOF. Even if you set the aperture for F:8 for a dSLR it will work for AF.C at the maximum.

I have X-PRO2, X-T2 AND X-H1 and one Canon 5D MK IV . Have a large selection of lenses for both systems. Has been shooting Canon 5D and other models since 2005 and Fuji since X-PRO1 2012.

My recipe would be to try to shoot with advanced flashes to freeze movements and add light.

If you want to shoot with Fuji go for X-T3 that has a much faster and better AF than X-T2 and X-H1 and works better in low light

Dim light AF-C is a weakness for mirrorless. More or less for all cameras on the market.

For this type of subject I would first try to add more light. If that is not possible I would grab my Canon and do the best of it.

All Cameras and AF-systems needs light to work. This is still an area where dSLR systems are better.

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