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Re: A7R III vs A7 III

Here' my take on the two. I own the A7R III and the A9, so it will be from that perspective. I really like the A7R III of the higher resolution images you get from it. I personally only use high quality SDXC II memory cards for Slot 1 and a cheaper priced SDXC I memory cards for Slot 2. If I want a little higher write speed I only write to Slot 1 with the SDXC II card in it. I am a pixel peeper and like to print large images out on my printer. So the Sony A7R III is my go to camera for that. While I don't have the Sony A7III camera from what I read it's a nice high resolution camera though obviously not as high of a resolution as the A7R III, it's has more focusing points compared to the A7RIII meaning you can use more of the screen to focus the shot and easier to capture moving subjects. I think of of the Sony A7III as the little brother or sister to the Sony A9.

My personal opinion on the choice would to go with the A7III over the A7RIII. The tradeoffs would be that your images will be lower in resolution, buts still good in the resolution where you can make decent size prints and if you don't crop too much can even make large prints. I read and watch videos is that the A7III's EVF is lower in resolution compared to the A7RIII. There are a few other minor tradeoffs, but to me that would not be a deal breaker as the A7III camera takes great images. I have even seen videos where people actually rank the picture quality over the A7RIII. Don't get me wrong the A7RIII is a fantastic camera and I don't think anyone would go wrong in choosing it over the A7III. To me the Sony A7III would be a fun camera where you can have great experiences in all areas of photography and while I'm not into video the A7III does a great job in that area. Just my .02 cents. The advantage of buying the A7III over the A7RIII is price, which might mean the ability to buy a better quality lens.

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