Lightweight multi-row panoramic head needs testing

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Re: Lightweight multi-row panoramic head needs testing

Looks very interesting. I'd be keen to use something like this, but with the Olympus 8mm m4/3rds fisheye. I have 2 x 360 Precision heads at the moment. A fixed one, which is now obsolete, and their adjustable one, which never gets adjusted of course, except when I change camera bodies.

I'd like to think your head was fixed and calibrated to the lens, as then it wouldn't matter which body is used? So in future I could change to a new updated body, without having to re-calibrate the head to the new focus point as I do now.

For me It would need to be sized so I could use as bulky a body as necessary. Currently I use an EM1.2 with grip. The HDR function is great ±2ev with 7 stops at the touch of one button! Ideally it would also work wit the EM1X. But as its calibrated to the lens I could use a smaller body if travelling, etc. The EM1X has a few nice touches - GPS and external battery power option as well, which could be good for shooting panos.

The weakness of both my current heads is the attachment point to the camera body. I was trying to get 360 Precision to design me a custom mount that would fix the position, but they disappeared before this could happen. So in my workflow I have to remember to set the camera body vertical with a hotshoe spirit level, which is always a bit variable! But PTGui is so good these days it isn't too critical. If you are attaching to the lens on your head, this isn't a problem I guess?

I haven't used a more 'normal' lens yet for panos, something like the Oly 17mm would increase the resolution tremendously, but with more shots and stitching of course. This would mean using a 2nd head, but that would be fine.

Variable indents would be useful, I currently use 6 horizontally and 1 straight up. Occasionally I need to adjust this from a little off vertical so I can see some landscape for the stitching overlap. It's not possible to easily stitch the zenith image if it's all sky.

My website has all of my current panos on display.

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