what to do about online images vs iphone, truetone

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Re: what to do about online images vs iphone, truetone

Phil Photo wrote:

Wanted to ask folks if there are any tips you recommend, when you want an image to look good online... and you realize that iphone (and perhaps others now) have this thing called "true tone"

For those who dont know:


"Powered by a multichannel sensor, True Tone works throughout the day by dynamically adjusting the temperature, intensity, and percentage of white light on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Pro's display depending on your current environment. The goal is to make adjustments to your device's display appear more natural, with an effect similar to what would be seen when putting a white piece of paper under different kinds of light."

so, in theory, it autowhite balances the display.

In practice, it tends to make images warmer.

So something that you've carefully tuned to be "pleasantly warm", may now appear overdone, on iphone/iSO, etc.

how to deal with this, when choosing how to edit for color?

Turn off features like that from your editing monitor...then edit as usual, the photos should look good on the consumer receiving end whether shown in normal WB or the warmed up version due to things like true tone...basically just edit your shots on a calibrated screen and don't worry about how they will look on a consumer display that may or may not have xyz features. You can't control everything in this world.

and you figure your images will end up on instagram, viewed by many iphone devices?

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