Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

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Re: Installed EasyCover

KuvaPanda wrote:

Yeah that's what I though. Getting even a little bit of sand under the cover might be a problem. I'm planning to use my Z7 for quite some time, probably less than 7 years I had D800 but still...

I just installed an EasyCover, so I don't have long term experience.  A couple of things do come to mind.  It's a pretty tight fit, so it is not going to be that easy for dirt, and, especially sand to get under the cover.  Also it is easy enough to check the areas where it seals, since it is so flexible.

If there is that much dirt or sand around, you are likely to do a lot more wear on the grip just with your hands.

Also the EasyCover does protect the buttons from getting dirt in them.

Overall, I would much rather have an EasyCover in a dirty environment than not.

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