Best DAM software for someone starting from scratch?

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Re: Best DAM software for someone starting from scratch?

Hans de Zomers wrote:

desertsp wrote:

It’s never going to go away since so many pros use it, so your nondestructive edits will always be accessible in the future, and you don’t need to maintain a redundant clone of every photo “just in case the software stops working”

Nothing against Lightroom but to state "It's never going to go away since so many users use it". Sorry, but history taught all of us that software can be discontinued ANYTIME.

How many users use the software is of less importance. When the software supplier decides that the software no longer matches their future company vision then it's almost certain going to be killed off.

Recent samples of discontinued photo software from large companies: Phase One Media Pro, and Apple Aperture, and probably many more, also from large suppliers

You’re right.

But still, it’s relation to Photoshop (the industry standard editor, I believe) has to be considered a plus in terms of staying power. Even if Adobe discontinues LR, it seems they would provide an avenue to keep those manny users using their photo editing and management ecosystem.

OTOH if Adobe gets out of the photography business then we would have a problem. Maybe that’s more likely than I’m accounting for - after all they’re big enough to have other revenue streams.

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