D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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Re: D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

At first thank you for your long and detailed comment.

greyhoundrick wrote:


I wanted to get back with you regarding your concerns and give you my opinions. These are just my opinions and could easily differ from the consensus, but if they help out a bit that would be great. Im sorry I cant give you my opinion of the D800 as you have asked, but Im hoping that my comments with regard to a D850 will help you.

Ive shot for years with a D3, for months with a D850 and for a few weeks with a Z7. Not the most experienced with any of the cameras, but hopefully experienced enough to give some helpful input.

Main Advantages of the Z7 vs. the D850 (I do not use either camera for video whatsoever):

1. No Auto AF Fine Tune necessary

My biggest wish on my list!

2. More information in the EVF

3. New lens mount set up for future development. The S lenses are fantastic.


These are all nice to have, but for me the biggest point is No AF fine tune. The rest is a bonus on top.

Main Advantages of the D850 over the Z7:

1. Feels and handles much more like a pro camera as I actually like the feeling of a heavier and bigger camera. More buttons and better balanced for me personally. The Z7 just doesn't feel like a true professional camera. I get the feeling like Im shooting with an inferior camera vs. the D3/D850. This opinion is with regard to the "feel" not the performance. If feel is important to you as a photographer then this is germane, but if it is not that important then not so much.

That is not that much of importance to me. Although I talked to full-time pro photogs who said that it is partly the customer who is convinced that a bigger camera means professional output.

2. Auto Focus is multiple times superior. I cannot tell you how big of a factor this is for me. It is so big that I would give up 1-4 listed above in order to have the auto focus of the D5/D850/D500 vs. the Z7. I do not like using a camera that has to hunt, is slower to focus or in some situations cannot focus at all. It takes away so much from the experience that it is a deal breaker. Plus, I shoot in AF-C mode 99% of the time.

As I have never used a D5/D850 or D500 I am perhaps in a better situation as I can't compare the Z7 to them.

So I can only compare to my old D800 which has definitely weaknesses. Right after the release some photogs called her diva, and to be honest a D800 isn't one of the fastes cameras on earth.

But again, the Z7's AF system is also my main concern. I can live with it if it is at least as good (or bad if you like) as my D800 and there is no need to AF fine tune. In that case I would be totally happy!

3. No worry about banding with images that require major exposure adjustments in post.

But luckily there are fixes for that, but I agree, I would be miles better if there would be no need for that fixes!

4. I don't like the F Mount lenses with the FTZ Adaptor. Others may find them identical on the D850 vs. the Z7, but I don't see it in my experiences. The F mount lenses work better with the D850 in my opinion.

What do you mean? Do you think the image quality is not the same or the focus speed?

5. I prefer the OVF over the EVF. No comparison (for me) on this one. I don't like the EVF at all. I feel I am a step behind with it at start up and to me, it doesn't look as good as an OVF when shooting.

With regard to strobes...I have had zero problems with the Z7 and my Pocket Wizards, Nikon Speed Lights and controllers for my Alien Bees studio lights. They work very well together.

Sync speed of 1/200 vs. 1/250 is a bit of a disappointment for me as I like having the extra speed.

I don't mean to sound like Im bashing on the Z7. I think it is a fantastic camera and will be an excellent tool for many/most people who purchase it. However, I lean toward the D850 for the aforementioned reasons. It just feels and works more like a camera I would trust and one in which I would rather take to an important shoot. Also, I believe the D850 is the most capable DSLR ever made. I cant say the same for the Z7 with respect to mirrorless.

I think the road to a D850 mirrorless camera is still very long and rough. And perhaps not only for Nikon, but perhaps for all brands.

I hope this helps and best to you always,


Thank you again and best wishes.

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