Do anybody know any GIF editor to create GIF images

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Re: Do anybody know any GIF editor to create GIF images

Boomanbb wrote:

You can create animated gifs in Photoshop.

You are right but the following are is the reason I don't want to use Photoshop :

Photoshop will be too heavy professional-level software to only perform a few GIF tasks and it is also paid software something like: I need bicycles to go 100 feet distance then why I will purchase an airplane (big and costly).

I am looking lightweight free software (or online base editor) to perform a few tasks (Flash/GIF editing) as I explained in the previous post "Creating a frame of checks / grid design with changing color (glittering / sparking)".

Also, many times when we create a website and then we need some animated images at fewer places.

I can see some online GIF editor, for example :

Where you can upload multiple images (frames), with each frame subject at a different location representing next move of the subject and when all frames are merge then we get animated GIF image.

But this online editor has limitation and that is "not to create these frames", if we want to create 50 frames then it would be very difficult to do using MS Paint or anything like that.

So I am looking an online Flash/GIF editor (or light weight free desktop base editor) that provide easy creation of multiple frames and then merge them to form animated GIF image.

In case if somebody is using or knows what I am looking then please tell me that.

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