Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

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Re: Installed EasyCover

KuvaPanda wrote:

Nice to hear real world experiences! Just curious, do you ever get dirt or anything else unwanted under the easycover?

I haven't yet taken the Z7 into an environment where I expected it to get actual dirt on it, so that hasn't happened. If I expect to go into such an environment, I'll bring the D500 (not mine).   The EasyCover isn't exactly a tight fit, though it's tight enough in most places. I would expect that if the camera got truly dirty some of that would work its way under the rubber. In that case I'd definitely recommend taking it off and cleaning it and the camera both, so the dirt isn't trapped under the rubber grinding away at the camera.

Think cell phone cases: have you ever removed a cellphone that's been in a fairly tightly gripping case and been kind of shocked at how much grit had worked its way in there? I would expect about the same thing to happen with the camera cover. If one's motivation for putting the cover on is to eliminate wear so it looks as new as possible, one will have to be diligent about cleaning under the cover from time to time. It would be a fool's errand, though, because some of the parts that aren't covered (memory card hatch, I'm looking at you) are also the parts that wear the most.

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