WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Re: WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Not sure what the memory usage difference is btw Mac OS and Windows. My Windows machines seemed to eat and use ram like wild.

Something that others here have observed is that macOS can be aggressive about filling RAM with cached data. The reasoning is that until such time as an application needs the RAM, the OS might as well use it for cache (in hopes of saving some HDD/SSD I/O).

Recent versions of macOS have an Activity Monitor indicator called "Memory Pressure", a graph showing memory availability in terms of traffic-light-style Red/Yellow/Green. Red is an indicator that memory resources "are depleted" and that you "may need more RAM."

Apple – How to use Activity Monitor on your Mac

I opened up a bunch of stuff not too much on Bridge or LR but some and my activity monitor showed 28GB physical memore and 38GB cached files.

I assume if I was opening or importaing a 1TB folder of images in LR this would go up but by how much I have no idea.

What does 38GB of cashed files mean and how does that affect the performance of anything by caching that much. I am sure others are as interested as I am in a better understanding of what all this means.

Also when we see 80MB sensors will that increase the need for ram?

What programs or functions of programs say PS and LR specifically benefit from

single core

multi core

use a lot of ram

require or benefit from more memory for cashed files

Thanks but on the surface it appears for now that 128GB is overkill and not needed but in my twisted mind I have to feel that somewhere along the line it may benefit me is that a correct assumption.

I realize it is not worth the money or at least I don't think it is but curious to know your thoughts or others versed on the subject.

I contacted Apple to discuss this issue, because I decided to expand my new iMac 2019 and have confirmed that although the system can recognize 128 GB of RAM, there could be certain failures that could harm the hardware and would not be covered by the guarantee. Although installing your OWN memory does not void your warranty, installing PAST the systems "allowable" memory (64gb) WILL void your warranty. It will also produce more heat than the cooling system can efficiently handle. There are some videos of places installing 128gb but sellers like OWC don't have any real world long term usage testing and they have ZERO responsibility if your machine fails because of it (only responsible for the warranty on the ram itself).

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