Microsoft & Linux- Exciting news!

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Microsoft & Linux- Exciting news!

Microsoft & Linux- Exciting news!

This is an interesting video going over Microsoft's new DevStudio 2019, with much improved Linux support.

If you're not a coder the technical details will most likely bore you, but for us coders it showcases many interesting new devStudio capabilities.  Including easy remote collaboration among programmers.  So easy you have to see it to believe it.

(starts at remote collaboration, link to full video below)

But I think everyone here would be interested in Microsoft's commitment to Linux and the Open Source community, since this makes it much easier for image-editing programs to be developed/supported/ported to Linux.

Microsoft has made huge shifts from many-decades-ago hating and actively hostile toward Linux and open source. No longer!  Over the decades Microsoft has been increasing their support of Linux and Open Source, last year purchasing "GitHub" for around $7.5 Billion!! Now that's commitment! (let's not bring up "Nokia" disaster)

But this newest release of DevStudio 2019 brings that commitment to a new level.

DevStudio is a software development platform that has tremendous development capabilities.  For example I'm writing a personal DAM for my VLogs.  Less than 800 lines of code in c# it currently reads in my directories, displays the files in a modern UI, lets me sort them however I want them, and with a double-click brings up VLC and plays them.  For  <800 lines of code! To me that's impressive.

Also c# dot net programs can be compiled for Linux and modern browsers (using web assembly, pretty cool!)

I think this move by Microsoft is mostly due to the following reasons:

1) Big money in IoT, which today is basically Linux

2) Big money in Cloud computing, which today is basically Linux, running in VM using "containers"

3) Large community of Linux developers, which will now have access to DevStudio and Dot Net

4) Modern browser support for high-performance programs using Web Assemblies

5) Shrinking pool of windows developers, especially low-level OS programming

This is a continuing issue with technology. Without a pool of coders familiar and comfortable with the tech, the tech is useless.  That's why so much tech is "free" for personal use.  It's an inexpensive way for companies to "train" the next generation of developers.

6) Win 10 being hopelessly compromised by ads, pop-ups, malware- This makes it unsuitable for cloud computing, or headless IoT products.  For example I have a dedicated kindle table next to my body weight scale.  Yesterday I went to use it which normally meant swipe-past-opening-screen, then click on the scale application.  But somehow I pop-up ad was displaying which required me to read it, process it, and click past it. Totaly uncool! It disrupted my usual ritual of taking my weight!  For specific applications people hate that kind of intervention. (I think it was a violation of Amazon's terms for applications, but I don't have the screen anymore, just unhappy with the experience.  Imagine this happening on a cloud server.  Nothing could run because the ad pop-up needed manual intervention to get past.

7) Microsoft has dropped development of it's own browser (Microsoft Edge) and is switching to the google-based "Chrome" browser.  This lets Microsoft use it's developer talent pool in other projects.  Reducing browser development costs and freeing up a limited developer talent pool elsewhere.

8) Who knows what the future holds for Windows 10 OS?  Continuing developing for it is pretty expensive and takes up valuable talent pools.  Microsoft is no longer dependent on the success of Win 10.  This move towards Linux allows Microsoft more flexibility in the future of Windows.

"C++ with Visual Studio 2019: target Linux and Windows, and be more productive with IntelliCode- Microsoft Visual Studio"

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