WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Re: WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

EdwardWestonNYC wrote:

It still stands 32gb as a sweet spot. I have an iMac 2017 and have 32gb - and the computer with PS, C1, Safari, Mail, etc all open while working on a 2-4gb Tiff layered files will use all the way up to the 32gb. The computer ran snappy and fine, but I thought, "Wow, will it run even better with more ram headroom?" So I got another 32gb Bringing the total to 64gb. I noticed that very rarely did I use above 38gb of that and did the computer ran any better? not really, it was pretty much the same. So after 3 weeks of daily use (retouch full time), I decided it was worth keeping at the moment in time (the space is there down the road).

If I were doing motion, or video I'd def add that 32gb extra back in.

Not sure what the memory usage difference is btw Mac OS and Windows. My Windows machines seemed to eat and use ram like wild.

When faced with the poor situation I was in with a 2017 that Apple cannot figure out why it has so many problems I finally was pretty much backed into a corner to upgrade to the 2019. I run three good sized companies I have no time to spend anymore than the 35 hours on tech support with their senior tech staff or send it in again so for my own sanity I upgraded.

Since the upgrade is really minor in single core 9-12% I felt get the 128gb of ram and hopefully between that and what programs take advantage of multi core I will see some improvements. If not what the heck.

I typically have about fifteen apps open at once including PR and LR not to mention word, office, filemaker, acrobat, contacts, apple mail, two browsers with several windows and several excel windows and some other app. I am flying back and forth all day long between these at breakneck speed. I do see my ram usage getting quite high so it cannot hurt and only help. If it doesn't it doesn't it is no big deal.

In my mind when 60MP to 100MP sensors come in to play perhaps later this year or not long after it may offer some advantages. I am also shooting more burst mode so my folders are getting quite large now even with 24MP and 42MP sensors.

Few things from the human body, mind, hard drives, race cars, high end audio, air conditioning units, you name it will operate as smoothly and reliably when there is plenty of headroom and reserve as they do when they are taxed or anywhere near the limit.

All I know is I have the best I can get at the moment and that is all that matters to me.

I am more excited about doing a fresh install and getting rid of fifteen years of kernals and bs from a dozen computers and dozens of operating systems as I am getting the new computer. That can only smooth things out and reduce potential conflicts. I try to stay away from as many 3rd party and non proven apps and plug in's as possible also.

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