Canon crippled FEC - Big Mistake (Travis are you there?)

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Re: Flash meters dead accurate, must use FEC in real world

Hello Doug,

I lost you here, can you explain again.

I understand the RGB color space has gamma correction applied already. But the value I got from the eyedrop tool in PS, surely is the un-adjusted value (before gamma correction is applied). Otherwise the color value will be different depend on which platform you are viewing it from. (PC has a system gamma of 2.5 but Mac has 1.8).

Doug Kerr wrote:

dchao wrote:

A: (213,213,220)
M: (116,119,123)

No, the RGB color space is usually rougly gamma corrected,
typically based on a gamma of 2.2. So a numerical value of 0.54 of
the RGB values for 100% reflectance would indicate an actual
reflectance of 0.26 (26%).

That's not a direct match to 18%, but closer than the 54% was.


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