WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Re: WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

terryreid wrote:

LenRivers wrote:

graybalanced wrote:

LenRivers wrote:

Deji wrote:

From which company did you purchase the additional RAM?

Other world computing. Never heard of them till I got the referral here on the forums.

OWC has been an important supplier of Mac-friendly supplies for so long, I think I've probably been ordering drives, cables, and RAM from them for 20 years or more.

But if Crucial has it cheaper I get it from Crucial.

Ok cool... I am very satisfied.

I just went to OWC and they want $1,049.00 for 128GB for the 2019 iMac?

128gb $1,049.00

Ok... I spent $450 on 64 gb.   Just because it can use 128 gb does not mean you have to buy it or even  need it ??  I don't need that myself....

See what Crucial charges and what B&H charges

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