EOS RP L bracket?

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Re: EOS RP L bracket?

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Any RP owners get a L bracket for their camera?

i can’t find one that’s specific to the RP and not sure about taking any chances on a universal one.

Reallrightstuff has one available for pre-order, but their prices are ridiculous. SmallRig’s will be just as good and probably half the price.


So smallrig's plates are $10 cheaper than RRS, barely any cheaper and RRS stuff are really high quality.

Not quite sure about that. I got the Smallrig L bracket for the EOS R for much less than an RRS one would have cost me. A difference of more than 50%, which is not just $10. Build is about the same, so nothing wrong there. And the same was true for the bracket for my A7RIII.

You might be right. When I looked at Smallrig I included the "left hand grip" which I assumed was part of the bracket that completed the "L" and that made it $110 or $10 less than RRS. Not sure what the "left hand grip" is for then. Is it like the wooden grip that used to be an option on the MF Pentax 67?

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