EOS RP, any thoughts on sports/tracking?

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Re: EOS RP, any thoughts on sports/tracking?

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No I'm keeping it because for other things it works great and I am very happy with the image quality. It is a very nice camera, just not great at all things.

After finally playing with the raws tonight, I’m gonna get rid of it. Just the slight adjustment in shadows and noise ceeeps in fast. It’s actually way worst than my M50 that’s just a toss around camera.

On the plus side, colors are excellent and spot on. I mean really really great. The color blue on my Audi RS3 is spot on perfect. No other camera has come close. Skin tones are also excellent! Sony needs to learn that.

For the work I do and documenting the cars I work on, I will however need a little bit better dynamic range. I deal with a lot of shadows and highlights.

As much as I hate to go back to Sony and invest in their lenses, I don’t have a choice. Also have to use Capture One instead of LR, cause LR and Sony don’t work well with colors. The awkward pair.

Hi Ryan .. any chance you can post the photo with the shadow noise problems? I am curious to know what is unacceptable.


I’ll see if I can share something tonight. I ended exchanging the camera yesterday for the A7III. I know I didn’t want to go back to Sony, but for my needs and the shooting I do, it’s a perfect match. I played with it all morning taking pics of some cars and love it.

I hate Sonys skin tones, but I don’t do portraits much. The focus is amazing and locks down fast. DR is awesome for my needs. I can’t believe how clean the files are. I can see all the metallic in the paints, where Canon it was kinda gritty looking. I do like the gritty tonal contrast on other things I shoot other than paint. It’s what gives Canon that look.

In the end, it’s all about what suits my needs best. I’m a Canon shooter at heart, but not married to them. I’m tired of bracketing every pic just to be safe. Now with the A7III I can just shoot and know I’ll be ok in post. I’ll have to play with the colors now, but you can’t have it all, unfortunately. There is always a trade off.

The RP is for someone who can get exposure right without having to do much in post. For challenging lighting conditions and having to rely on post, it’s not what it’s meant for. It’s a beginners full frame on a budget. Colors are amazing though. Skin tones are also excellent too. Better than Fuji. It’s focusing just had a hard time locking on. My M50 locked on and was good. RP felt a few steps behind the M50.

I was hoping to get out of it cheap with the RP seeing I had Canon lenses. The A7III and lenses just set me back $4,000. Not happy about that part.

I also decided on the A7iii over the RP. RP is going back to Amazon. Too bad it's a fantastic camera but I find the focus lock / tracking is just slow. Also it doesn't always lock onto the right things whereas the Sony will lock on and stick on the subject like glue.

In continuous mode I have a lot more keepers with the Sony than the Canon. I would have loved that the RP was just a bit quicker as I think I would have kept it.

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