EOS RP L bracket?

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Re: EOS RP L bracket?

Keith Cooper wrote:

atpphoto wrote:

yoshi wrote:

Any RP owners get a L bracket for their camera?

i can’t find one that’s specific to the RP and not sure about taking any chances on a universal one.

Reallrightstuff has one available for pre-order, but their prices are ridiculous. SmallRig’s will be just as good and probably half the price.


Whilst I appreciate I've fairly large hands, I'm not seeing the benefits of these brackets with the big bottom plates.

Is it really that much of an issue, the small height of the RP?

I guess it must be or Canon wouldn't have supplied the RP with a free bottom plate just for the US market.

Anyone getting an RP here in Europe, also splashing out for the Canon baseplate?

A baseplate is different from an L plate. A baseplate is plain for extending grip, an L plate usually has Arca Swiss profiles for tripod use, which is reason for many to get one. A good L plate functions both as extension and tripod plate. An L plate also protects the camera body a bit.

The small height of the RP is no issue, it is rather a personal thing. For me, even with my small hands, I find a lot of ML cameras too small. Can’t think of using my A7RIII without L bracket and even my EOS R has one. But as said, the Arca Swiss profile is main reason for many to use them.

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