WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Re: WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

I love the complaint "look at the size of the bezels"

Here is what some people have not mentioned about 32gb vs 64gb. Photoshop will use as much ram as you through at it (if you working on files that will use that much ram. High res, multiple layers, etc).

BUT - after PS reaches the preset amount of ram (considering its is available and not in use by other processes), it will start to use the cache.

So when people say "wow photoshop is not using 32gb" but have 8 huge 2gb files open, its because photoshop is offloading additional info. to your cache drive and the speed of your cache drive will have a great impact on the speed of PS after ram is being used.

So MacBook Pro 15" with an internal SSD with only 16gb of ram can feel faster than a computer with 32gb but a slow 5400 HHD

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