Sony 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 is sharper than ZA 16-70 f/4

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Re: Sony 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 is sharper than ZA 16-70 f/4

skanter wrote:

maccam wrote:

My copy of the 18-135 was absolute crap. My copy of the 16-70 is really good. I didn't pursue a second copy of the 18-135. If you think you have a keeper, then keep it.

If you think you have a crapper, than crap it. (Yours was probably defective).

Oh, and, don't let other people tell you how you should or should not test a lens.

I never have. But I did recommend to the OP not to test with flowers outdoors because of motion blur.

when is examined the photos, i noticed the SS was 1/320, which kind of ruled out motion blur or most of it, so i didnt mention it in my first post, but certainly the vase wasn't going to be affected, and it was OOF in the zeiss 5.6 image  anyway, i think sometimes people want they to see, in this case the OP likes his lens, and they are both close in sharpness...i just disagree that one could conclude that the one lens is sharper over the other, when in this case, there are contradictory results.  the zeiss has been slammed more often, and the 18-135 seems to get generally good reviews...but this particular set of images  sure does raise suspicion on the zeiss lens, ie being OOF at 5.6  ( why was it ?  the vase was out of focus along with everything else) and if someone just had the 5.6 zeiss image to go by, they would be disappointed in its performance.  the F4 shot is quite stellar on the other, contrasty, and devoid of purple fringing like the 18-135 lens.

i have neither lens...i like the kit lens.

( off topic, i liked your recent NY posts...especially the mummy pose )


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