Peak Design Pouches for M43?

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Re: Peak Design Pouches for M43?

Jason wrote:

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Yeah, that's the field pouch, BTW.

Thank you! I was looking at that but it was hard to tell if it would fit. The photos really help! going to try my local shop this weekend, they carry a decent selection of bags.

Glad to help, FWIW, I didn't buy that pouch for the camera, I already had it, and I wouldn't want to carry those around together without some padding. I think it's meant more as an accessory bag and doesn't have any padding.

I know this thread is a little old, but hopefully it's not too old. I'm considering buying the field pouch to carry my E-M10ii with a mounted 20mm and maybe another prime. From the photos and videos I've seen, it looks like I could put the camera and 20mm in one of the elastic pockets and the extra prime in the other with a little extra room for batteries etc. Is that true?

edit: I'm not overly concerned about padding or protection--just need a small, efficient means of carrying some of my crap around when I'm out, and I already have the PD strap, etc.

The E-M10 won't fit in any of the pockets but it'll fit in the main space of the Field Pouch, tho only with a pancake mounted. The stretch pockets can easily hold a small prime (45/1.8) but I doubt you'd get more than one in there with the E-M10 in it and all the other pockets would probably get too tight for anything.

TBH I'd rather use one of the waist packs (worn sling style) which I linked earlier in the thread than the Field Pouch (which I do own) for this purpose, they're not any larger but have a better shape for this purpose. I think you might be overestimating the size/expansion of the Field Pouch. Those Quiksilver/O'Neill packs I linked flatten out with ease.

Last few times I've traveled I've thrown one of those in my big Timbuk2 duffel with all my clothes (my carry on) and I've used the 10L Sling as my "personal item", so I don't check anything. If I'm going out at night or whatever and just want a body with a couple lenses I grab the waist pack in place of the 10L Sling.

Edit: I can snap a pic of what my similarly sized E-M5 II looks like in the Field Pouch with the 20mm and something else if that helps... I bought it to try it out but have mostly ended up using it for cables and accessories and other odds and ends. Looks a like purse-y on a loosened Peak strap too.

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