EOS RP L bracket?

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Re: A cheapo eBay one...

FoxPhoto wrote:

Keith Cooper wrote:

maarensv wrote:

Keith Cooper wrote:

This one I got for my 100D works fine

You need move it out a bit from how I've fitted it here, for the ports/screen but it's good and solid.

It might work well for a tripod, but it does not help as an extension for the pinkie. Dedicated L-brackets provide both. At a cost off course. On the other hand, a dedicated one for the RP probably won’t work on other camera’s, like in this case.

In what way? I've only ever used them for tripod mounting?

I've had custom brackets for my 1Ds and 1Ds3 but none were in contact with any of my fingers.

The only customisation I could see beyond appropriate spaces for the connectors and battery was a slight curvature to the base so it fitted the camera a bit more snuggly.

Is what you're referring to as perhaps a different product to what I see as an 'L' bracket?

Just wondering, since I've never really wanted any additional finger support? Probably just me for having long fingers

I think what he was referring to was extending the camera body down a little more, to get a better grip with the pinky. Kinda like the official grip extension that Canon is selling.

If you're using a 1DX or even 5D Series, that won't be an issue for you as the camera body is big enough for your whole hand to grip it.

This would be a good example on the EOS R:

Thanks for explaining that - definitely not for me - I like the size of the RP. I get two fingers under it as I normally hold it.

Then again I used to like the size of the OM4 until I got my 1Ds house brick

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