D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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Spare-time photog wrote:

aniltulsi wrote:

I think you should wait. Next generation of Z cameras will surely be better than today's Z6/Z7s and if you can wait longer, the generation after will be even better than next generation ones, and next to next generation will be far far superior.

And imagine the camera ten generations later... Waiting is the best thing you can do...

I got your point and you are right. But for me it is not a matter of will the next gen. camera be better than this one. It is a matter of will this camera meet my main requirements, because every upgrade of gear means a loss of money.

I am glad you took this post in right spirit. I was expecting some fireworks here...

I moved from D800 to Z6, and haven't touched my D800 since last 3 months. I love my D800, so haven't sold it, but I enjoy using Z6 so much, I don't think I will pick up my D800 again.

Is my Z6 better than D800 in all the parameters you mentioned? Yes it is. Is it perfect? No... It does hunt in low light, and 3D tracking is bad. Still, I have changed my style of using the camera to suit it to get best out of Z6, because it is surely joy using it. Controlled exposure due to EVF is best feature for me, followed by the full screen AF points. And as no AF fine tuning is needed, even my 28-300 lens gives much better pictures. Video is something that I have started looking at seriously, after moving to Z6. Even after using SLR/DSLR for over 30 years, and being in love with them, I don't think I am going back to them ever.

But you know your use cases better, and if you don't have any pressing reason to upgrade, you don't have to. D800 is still a wonderful camera, and you can't differentiate the pictures taken by it and by any other camera, at least till ISO-6400.

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