D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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For me it was a no-brainer. The D800 was a nice camera, but it was sufficiently large and heavy that I almost never took it out. Instead, I used a D7200 and a Fuji X-T2. Given that the D800 was gathering dust, it made sense for me to dump it while it still had some resale / trade-in value. In addition, I dumped the D7200. It was a fine DX camera, but the Z7 is still smaller, lighter and it provides about the same resolution in DX crop format as the D7200. Thus, for me the Z7 replaced 2 cameras.

In fact, the Z7 with the kit 24-70 lens is only a bit larger and heavier than the X-T2 with its (very nice) 18-55 kit lens. Now, whenever I travel or spend the day away from home, I almost always take the Z7 rather than the Fuji. The Fuji still wins if I mount the pancake 27mm lens as that combo is really small and light. If only Nikon or Sigma would make a pancake lens in the 30mm to 40mm range for the Z, then I might not need the Fuji at all.

Anyway, if you are still using the D800 and its size and weight are not slowing you down, you can likely afford to wait for the next Z camera and a few more native Z lenses. Otherwise, if the D800 met your shooting needs, but you want something smaller and lighter, I don't think you lose anything going with the Z7.

Good luck

Much like you, I replaced two cameras (a D750 and a complete X-T2 system) with a Z7.

You have both now convinced me to go for z7. I just looked at xt3 and nice but you are right is not much smaller and I already have several Nikon lenses.

I have also had my eyes on Fuji before buying the Z7, but went for the Z7 because it's FF and because it isn't much larger, and also because I already had the lenses and flashes I wanted to have. With Fuji it would have meant a total restart, dumping everything and buying something I had zero experience with as a system. So my real choce was between the D850 and the Z7, and the D850 lost because of weight, size and because the DSLRs are NOT the future.

How long do I have to wait till some deal comes up?

No one can answer that... It also depends on where you live...

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