Peak Design Pouches for M43?

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Re: Peak Design Pouches for M43?

Jason wrote:

Wildalaskaken wrote:

I dont do photography pouches or dedicated camera bags. I use Osprey?Mountainsmith stuff. This is my daily carry in Bangkok, camera or not.

Yesterday I had my G85 with the 45-200 II in there, plus two bandanas, sunglasses case, glasses case, bong and weed, lighter, keys, wallet, two cell phones, cell phone battery, plastic bag (for rain) and a souvenir tshirt.

One of the most comfy ways to carry a camera. I daresay If I left out the T-shirt and was creative, I could fit another small lens in there. I carry mine slung in front or under my arm most of the time.

I think PD makes great stuff (I use their straps and attachers as well as the clip) but their bags and systems are overly heavy and impractical for use other than in and out of a car or to impress folks in the know.

That looks like a great bag, and I do really like (and own) Osprey products. The thing that appeals to me about the PD field pouch is that it is flat and compact when unloaded. That would allow me to stuff it in my luggage when traveling, and break it out as a day pack. Further, I can use my PD strap on my camera or on the bag. That makes for a really unobtrusive and versatile package. I usually pack a bare minimum when I travel, but day packs are always a challenge. Either I'm carrying around my luggage, or I have to make significant space in my luggage for a decent daypack. I'm hoping the PD field pouch is big enough to carry my basic M43 kit (or whatever crap I need to carry with me during the day), but small enough to disappear into my luggage.

I'm not stuck on Peak Design gear, but I haven't seen anything similar to the field pouch in my brief search.

well there is your problem. Luggage. I have never gotten over my backpacking days, plus all my years in Alaska taught me that luggage sucks and a backpack is the way to go.

I have been cutting down, so now my long trip (ie 6 months or so) travel gear is as follows. Osprey Stratos 36, Osprey Dufflle, Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack, Osprey Day Light and an Osprey Sling.

When Im  trying to do the full carry on gig I pack the Duffle (fits in the outside pocket) into the Stratos, along with clothing and electronics. I strap the empty Day light to the stratos, load my Mountainsmith with my camera in a Tenba and carry on stuff, strap the empty sling onto the Mountainsmith and away I go. If I have do  checked baggage, I pull out the duffle, check the Stratos and Daylight and carry on the Mountainsmith and the Sling. THis allows me to pack 6 months worth of clothes and stuff, plus gives me the variety of carrying options I need for all sorts of activities.

This trip, I ended up buying all sorts of crap, so I just filled up my Daylight with t-shirts and junk and mailed it back to the USA.

short trips I mix things up. it depends how I travel. If I was heading out for 10 days in Europe, I would run probably run the stratos and  and sling. For a 1o day trip, everyhthing you need could fit in the Stratos with room to spare and not weigh more than 20 pounds. I do 6 months at a time out of mine

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