Peak Design Pouches for M43?

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Re: Peak Design Pouches for M43?

Jason wrote:

outlierrn wrote:

dgoakill wrote:

outlierrn wrote:

Yeah, that's the field pouch, BTW.

Thank you! I was looking at that but it was hard to tell if it would fit. The photos really help! going to try my local shop this weekend, they carry a decent selection of bags.

Glad to help, FWIW, I didn't buy that pouch for the camera, I already had it, and I wouldn't want to carry those around together without some padding. I think it's meant more as an accessory bag and doesn't have any padding.

I know this thread is a little old, but hopefully it's not too old. I'm considering buying the field pouch to carry my E-M10ii with a mounted 20mm and maybe another prime. From the photos and videos I've seen, it looks like I could put the camera and 20mm in one of the elastic pockets and the extra prime in the other with a little extra room for batteries etc. Is that true?

edit: I'm not overly concerned about padding or protection--just need a small, efficient means of carrying some of my crap around when I'm out, and I already have the PD strap, etc.

I dont do photography pouches or dedicated camera bags.  I use Osprey?Mountainsmith stuff. This is my daily carry in Bangkok, camera or not.

Yesterday I had my G85 with the 45-200 II in there, plus two bandanas, sunglasses case, glasses case, bong and weed, lighter, keys, wallet, two cell phones, cell phone battery, plastic bag (for rain) and a souvenir tshirt.

One of the most comfy ways to carry a camera. I daresay If I left out the T-shirt and was creative, I could fit another small lens in there. I carry mine slung in front or under my arm most of the time.

I think PD makes great stuff (I use their straps and attachers as well as the clip) but their bags and systems are overly heavy and impractical for use other than in and out of a car or to impress folks in the know.

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