Flash choice: Nissin i400 vs. Godox TT350O?

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Ben Herrmann
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Regarding custom brackets...

OK - what I'm about to say is obviously my opinion only and it comes after using a variety of custom bracket setups with accessories over the years.

At first you'll be impressed with the build quality and engineering on these things - but they come at a hefty price.  In addition, they can add a substantial amount of weight to your entire setup.  If your M43 cameras are small to begin with, adding these custom bracket accessories will seem like overkill and actually look and feel unwieldy.  Now if you have the larger M43 cameras and don't mind the weight, then more power to you.

What happens is that most of us - at one point or another - go through an accessories phase where we start accumulating tons of odds and ends and if we were to look back and add up everything we've purchased over the years, we could probably purchase a compact car or two.  I've since sold all of my custom bracket accessories - just too heavy (but they look nice...and official) and in some cases unwieldy.  Glad I sold mine.

I've since been using a variety of different flash diffusers, caps, and the one I've come to use the most is the Gary Fong Lightsphere.  When attached to the flash, you can turn your flash head every which way by loose and the lighting balance will be perfect.  No need to have to turn the entire friekin' camera in order to ensure that the flash gets the right balance - whether in portrait or landscape mode.  Why put the cart before the horse.  Why have to turn the camera when you can allow the flash head (with the right accessory) to do it all for you.

I get called upon to cover quite a few VIP event types of scenarios and having the right kit is essential.  Here are several samples - taken with various flash units and the Gary Fong Lightsphere - in both Portrait and Landscape mode.   All cameras were set to ISO 800, AWB, the flash head pointed straight up and the Lightsphere unit attached:

Fuji X-A3 (24 MP's), Fuji XC 16-50 kit lens, and the Godox V860 II (for Fuji) Li-ion speedlite with Lightsphere attached.

Canon EOS M with the kit EF-M 15-45 lens, Godox V860 II (for Canon) Li-ion speedlite with Lightsphere attached.

Olympus E-3 with the Zuiko 12-60  lens, Olympus FL-50 flash and the Lightsphere attached.

Panasonic G5 with the 14-45 Kit lens, Olympus FL-50 flash, with Lightsphere attached.

Panasonic GH3 with the Panny 14-140 zoom lens, and the Olympus FL-50 speedlite with Lightsphere attached.

The Panasonic L10 with the Leica Vario 14-150 zoom lens, with Olympus FL-50 flash and Lightsphere attached.

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