C/V and Leitz Lens Examples

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The old Leica lens are still very good even by today's standard. Some model and version perform worse but overall the quality is there. I'm not sure if it is appropriate to compare lenses from a single shot of an extremely dull street view.

Perhaps your conclusion would be different if you considered a broader palette of subject (flower, people, etc).

Modern coating have greatly reduced flare but it's photography and sometimes it's not just about flare resistance. When I first got my A7ii, I was using the kit lens for a though hiking, leaving the Leica R primes out of fear of breaking them. I had taken a lot of pictures with the primes (35 mm f2 summicron & 90 mm f2 summicron). When I came back home, I was so disappointed to look at my dull kit lens pictures whereas the Leica seemed so much more contrasty and vibrant.

Old lens are a lot harder to use but also have their own character and that's something I really like about them.

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