WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Re: WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Hello @LenRivers what did you upgrade the ram to? 64 or 128GB?

It maxes out at 64 gb. So 4 of the 16 gb sticks. I think I saved a good part of $600 this way

While 64 GB is the official limit, OWC is selling a 128 GB kit. That said, 64 GB of RAM is likely to be overkill. If you had gone for 128 GB, you'd be out another $500+ for no real return (for photography applications).

Yeah, I am totally good with 64 gb

DDR4 2400mhz or 2600 like Apple sells in it?

I have the 2017 so single core is only 9-11% faster sadly. If they would have just added one or two more thunderbolt 3 slots in the rear I would have upgraded just for that.

It is not worth taking the time to migrate for 10% so I will either get the upcoming Mac Pro or the next iMac with upgraded displays. I really wanted to upgrade but its not worth it from a maxed out 2017.

Yeah, my upgrade is from a 2012 iMac.   The extra RAM is the 2600 just like Other World computing recommend and matches Apple.

Originally I bought the 2017 iMac with 32 Gig's.  I discovered you could upgrade RAM so I canceled the order and re ordered with just 8 gigs same 2017 iMac.

2 days later the 2019 iMac gets announced and I called Apple back to cancel that order.  The return policy is 14 days anyway and I would have just retuned the computer un opened.

They were great and it made sense to me to get the newest since I tend to keep computers 5-9 years.  I maxed it out for the most longevity.  My usage  can change

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