D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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Laslo Varadi
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Re: Happy with my D810 to Z7 jump

Spare-time photog wrote:

RumpelHund wrote:

Loving to shoot wide open (85/1.4, 24/1.4 and 200/2) I was massivly annoyed when I stepped from D700 to D800 and threw in another chunk of money for the D810.

To be honest, I didn't dare to buy the 85/1.4, instead I bought the 85/1.8, because I have not that much confidence in the D800 AF to manage that shallow DoF.

D700: no issues I ever realized

D800: AF on everything but eyes no matter what. AF plain unuasable in dark tungsten or even candle light.

Well, in my experience it is not that bad. Although the lighting conditions you describe are sometimes challenging. Often they lead to missfocued shoots, indeed.

D810: better than D800 but lots of misses on candle light or on backlight situations still, kept me frustrated

z7: The combination of silent shooting, in-body-IS and on-chip-focussing makes it joy to shoot again on not too moving subjects. Would not bet on it for my dog running towards cam, here the D810 is better still.

Running or walking? A walking model is hopefully covered by the AF system?

No problem at all with such subjects.

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