D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

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Re: D800->Z7 or wait for next generation?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Charly Diaz Azcue wrote:

I have the same experience as Alex, using the D800 with the Nikon 35mm f/1.4 at 1.4 was a nightmare about AF calibration, since I got the Z6 I have tack sharp photos at f/1.4 without calibration.

Lots of us (and a very significant majority of the photographers I meet) have no difficulty getting good focus accuracy with DSLR phase detect over 97% of the time.

...but also 97% of the time,they don't use fast lenses wide open. There is no doubt that the Z7 is more accurate at f/1.4 compared to the D800, regardless which AF point is used or what the target is.

Whether it is because this majority appreciate phase detect is unlikely to be at its best with some types of subjects is a separate topic.

While ML largely removes phase detect AF from the equation, no amount of fine tune is likely to get ML to focus consistently well on a line parallel to the long dimension of the frame

That's true, but rarely a problem and is often easily solved.

Z bodies IMO can help get critical manual focus more accurate.

Definitely true as well.

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