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Re: Do these hares turn white in winter?

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They seem to change back to brown/grey now. If so I never knew that these existed in England. Here in NL only certain kind of animals get a white coat in winter. But not hares as far as i know.
On the images: I think it might be that these hares are contrasty which is may be why the results are btter, but I hop eit is for a better reason. Thx for sharing!

Yes, they are only in a small area of the Derbyshire Peak District in England, relatively common (although persecuted on the Grouse estates) in the Scottish Highlands. The Mountain Hare is smaller than the Brown Hare (I think you have those in NL?) and changes to white/silver when daylight hours get shorter (some people say that temperature has an effect as well). I read it's also genetic, as many don't turn fully white.

I'm quite surprised just how white some of them still are. Here's one taken earlier last month, about as white as they get:

Over here stoats get completely white probably due to the much snowier winters we used to have. I think until pretty recently (1988 to be exact) winters used to have regular and decent snowcovers. Now we have winters with sometimes less than 7 days with a snowcover...But the ermine does not care it seems…

I wonder if the Lake District does not have these kind of hares? Is it just Derbyshire and Scotland?

No, they're only in the Derbyshire Peak District, between and around the A57 Snake Pass and the A628 Woodhead Pass.

They were reintroduced in the 19th century for shooting, and have become established. The grouse estates don't like them, as they claim they host a parasite that affects the grouse...ironic, as the true parasites in the UK are the shooting estates. They've devastated the Hare population in Scotland, and they continue to illegally poison and shoot raptors. There are huge areas of England and Wales they could be reintroduced to if it wasn't for these --------.

The Mountain Hare is actually the only true native Hare in the UK, the brown was introduced.

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