Flash choice: Nissin i400 vs. Godox TT350O?

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Re: Flash choice: Nissin i400 vs. Godox TT350O?

kli wrote:

jrsforums wrote:

... Help me understand what you mean by, “There's no "RC" capability for µ4/3 users with Godox.”

Most interchangeable-lens camera brands have a proprietary optical wireless flash control system. It's mostly based on the same type of infrared or near-IR technology that tv remotes use. Nikon's is called CLS/AWL (creative lighting system/Advanced Wireless lighting), Canon's got wireless eTTL, Pentax has wireless P-TTL, Fuji hasn't named theirs, Sony's is called WL, and Panasonic and Olympus calls theirs RC (Remote Control).

These proprietary optical systems tend to offer near-full control over the remote flash (i.e., "smart" optical): TTL, HSS, settings changes (power, zoom, etc.), etc. are all things that can be communicated via light pulses. Because there are multiple pre-flashes, though, these systems are completely incompatible with the "dumb" S1/S2-type optical slave modes, as the preflashes tend to fire the remote flash before the main burst is fired.

In these "smart" optical systems, though, it's also typical for higher-end camera bodies to have transmitter/master capability with the built-in flash, so you don't need to buy any additional gear to use an OEM flash off-camera. My Panasonic GX7 is this type of camera body. The LX100 II doesn't have a built-in flash but comes with an accessory flash that can be used as an RC master.

Godox built "smart" optical master/slave capability into its TT685/V860II flashes for Canon, Nikon, and Sony. But have not done it for the Fuji or Olympus/Panasonic versions.

Ahhh.  I always thought of ‘RC’ as Radio Control

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