Flash choice: Nissin i400 vs. Godox TT350O?

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Re: Flash choice: Nissin i400 vs. Godox TT350O?

RebDovid2 wrote:

With a constrained budget, I’d like to replace the tiny flash that came with my Panasonic LX100 II. B&H is offering the Nissin i400 at $79.99 (normally, $149.99), today only. The well-reviewed Godox TT350O sells for $84.90.

Advice regarding comparative merits/demerits, or a better alternative in this price range, would be much appreciated.


I bought into Nissin because they were first to release a radio TTL flash for micro four thirds.  The advantage to Nissin is that you can mix and match their radio TTL flashes among different systems; you just need a dedicated transmitter (and for m43 you might need firmware updates on the flashes).  I have an i40 for m43, and a Di700a for each of Nikon, Canon, Sony and m43.  Plus transmitters for each.  I use the Nikon and m43 transmitters frequently; I have Canon and Sony to share with other system users.

Unfortunately, they did not put radio TTL in the i400, and they have not produced an Air R receiver for m43.  Which means you can't integrate an i400 into a wireless (TTL or manual) system for m43.  That's a shame, because the i400 is a great size.

I don't like flashes that can't be used in a wireless radio setup.  First, I don't like having the flash on the camera; I frequently shoot in portrait orientation so I use a rotating flash bracket.  Second, I like to get the flash away from the camera at an off-axis position.  Third, I like to use large diffusers with flash.  Fourth, I like using more than one flash for effects.

The Godox system has the advantage of a small flash that integrates radio control.  And you can get a transmitter that works with m43, so you can get the flash off camera.  So, with the Godox flash, you can use it on camera; you can get a transmitter and use it off camera, you can get another Godox flash and use it off camera controlled by the first flash.

So, I recommend the Godox tt350O.  And the Godox X1T-O trigger.  Wish they had a kit; but the individual prices are rock bottom as it is.

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