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Re: Agree to disagree

MILC man wrote:

sacohcan wrote:

How? Sales? Ability ? Etc. It is still a good camera. There are reasons to choose or not to choose it

such as?


ovf is a total fail, in every possible way.

why would you prefer massive blackout in the viewfinder, the need for af fine-tuning, no wysiwyg, etc.


a9 has better battery life than the d5.


a9 is lighter and it has a more functional menu system, which are both ergonomic concerns.

much rugged body,

I've beat on my a9 pretty hard, it's still ticking

better and faster cards

sd cards are cheaper and smaller.

and, of course, lenses.

sony wins totally with lenses, by virtue of 15-20fps af-c lenses, while Nikon has no lenses that are capable of that, as far as we know.

and your old dslr lens designs are not comparable to new milc lens designs... Nikon already proved that with z 50/1.8 lens.

By the way, the D5 can shoot 12fps 14 bits RAW files uncompressed, AFAIK.

more like about 10.5fps at best, not 12fps:


I doubt that anyone who shoots sports has a real need for 14-bit uncompressed raw.

I love my A9 but it’s a nonsense talking about the D5 as a bad or obsolete camera.

it sounds like you haven't actually used the a9 in a situation where it's many advantages over the d5 really matter.

because a9 af was already better than d5 af, even with the old a9 firmware from 2017:

"I have now shot in the craziest conditions and can say without a doubt the A9 AF much better than my D5."


I’m not here in order to convince anybody about which one is the best camera in the world. That seems to be your job. I have a lot of fun shooting the Sony A9 and Nikon D500/D750 as well. One can’t replace the other shooting sports, birds... Different cameras. That’s all! There is no the best camera for everything. Maybe for you. Great. Have fun but don’t waste your time with me. Sorry but I’m not a fan of superfans.

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