Flash choice: Nissin i400 vs. Godox TT350O?

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Re: Flash choice: Nissin i400 vs. Godox TT350O?

I have the Godox and don't really know too much about the Nissan, but I don't think that it has the same kind of options for using off-camera. With the Godox you can buy and inexpensive trigger (which is really cheap now, because I just saw that it's on sale for a radical discount) and with only that, use the flash off-camera. The Godox has built in radio receiver and transmitter functions, with the transmitter functions you can even skip using the trigger and use the flash itself to trigger another Godox flash.

I'd say that even if you aren't thinking about using the flash off camera, the Godox is attractive because at some point you might want to do that later. I'm new to this stuff and just experimenting with it, but I'm finding that the Godox system is cheap and really easy to use... and off-camera flash gives me some great effects that wouldn't be possible otherwise. I haven't dealt with multiple flashes, but if I do I'd likely get extras that are all-manual as when you're triggering multiple flash units it's easier to use them manually. Godox has all-manual versions of all of it's flashes that are even less expensive so you could build a really nice setup for not too much cash.

From what I understand the Nissan is a nice unit (I looked at it before buying the Godox) but the radio trigger abilities of the Godox to me give it a huge advantage. Otherwise you have to buy separate triggers and spend a lot more money, dealing with a lot more elements, a lot more batteries and additional hassle...

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