My new Fringer Pro EF to FX Adapter

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Tested the Canon EF 17-40 today

I tested the EF 17-40/4 today with the Fringer adapter. It was one of my favorites in my first test las summer.

This is a lens that many critized compared with the 16-35/2.8. I think this lens often had quality problems and an uneven quality.

I have always liked my copy. I have tested it with brick wall shots and with a lot use on my Canon.

Today I tested it again with the new Fringer firmware. The AF-S is fast. Totally acceptable.

I have not tested it with AF-C. I have just tested it with the viewfinder. It seems pretty fast

The size with the adapter is similar to the Fujinon Brick. Of course it is rather a 25-60 MM. IF you can live with a F-4 lens this is a cheap alternative to the Brick. It is a bit slower when it comes to AF but not with much. It is also lighter than the brick.

As you know the brick extends when you zoom. The 17-40 have internal zooming and don't extend. This is a lens you can pick up cheap on the second hand market

This a test shot today. This lens works fine for me. It is close to what the brick can deliver.

EF 17-40/4 with Fringer adapter

The colors of this lens is a bit bleak on Fuji compared to the brick. You have to push it in after post processing a bit more.

X-H1 with Fringer adapter and 17-40/4.

This is a more serious shot taken earlier. Of all my Canon glass that I have tried on Fuji, this is my favourite.

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